NorthStar’s experience with master planning is unrivaled and creates a roadmap for development with a unique combination of visioning, user experience, student metrics, operational feasibility, and pre-design architectural and planning. We understand it is a bit of a mining effort to truly identify and align thoughts and expectations, along with mission, vision, and goals. We create a compilation of information gained from the stakeholders (Board, Staff and Donors) and develop a plan with not only a eye on Day One but a focus on sustainability and longevity.

By bringing the entire project team to the table and making sure the client’s mission is clear, NorthStar effectively navigates complex municipal processes. Using our experience and 360 degree understanding of the necessary components, we work with the project team to satisfy requirements while communicating with the municipality to understand their process and timing.

Determining the viability of a project is based on a comprehensive analysis of site conditions, financial implications and more. NorthStar’s in-house, multi-disciplinary team employs a holistic approach to study every facet of a project and uses its global insight to advise a client as to the advantages or corrective measures that might be necessary.

The operational and strategic plan will be the vision and the living element within the institution that everyone believes in, works towards, and refers to as grounding for all decisions. It is a key element to long-term sustainability. NorthStar looks at staffing models associated with the proposed operational planning and applies these within our financial modeling process.

A wide net must be cast to learn more about how the community views your institution and what they would like to see as a future vision. Our analysis is comprised of an assessment of market areas and trends as well as audience and visitor needs. In collaboration with the client, NorthStar employs one-on-one meetings with civic leaders, surveys of current audience as well as focus groups to gather information and feedback to assist in guiding the plan and path forward.

Understanding the relationship between operating, project and fundraising budgets as well as the drivers that motivate lenders, NorthStar coordinates the information and develops the necessary statements, projections and strategies to maximize the revenue generating opportunities for the client.

A thorough real estate strategy supports the vision of the institution for the short and over the long term allowing for responsibility of fiscal management and plans for growth. Whether identifying the right location for your institution based on needs and lease costs or providing for expansion over time, NorthStar has been at the table time and again guiding clients, working with brokers and negotiating with Owners.

NorthStar builds capital budgets from the ground-up using our proprietary budgetary software. Developed to deliver the level of detail clients require, this program employs client input and NorthStar expertise to identify where the dollars will be spent and continues to track them in real time throughout the project.

NorthStar uses a systematic approach to assist clients in making decisions during the course of design to maintain their vision while keeping a watchful eye on the budget and schedule. Working with the project team, our team weighs the value and cost benefit so every dollar, which took great effort to obtain, is well spent.

NorthStar focuses on selecting the best design team for your project and then maximizing the resulting plans. With multiple checks and balances along the way, a constant eye on the bottom line, and a focus on schedule, aesthetics and efficiency, we ensure that the final project is consistent with your vision and mission. By keeping you informed, clients understand their options, choices and potential solutions. We collaborate and challenge, and in the end, deliver the project you expect in the time you need it.