Cost Advisory/Cost Estimating

Cost estimating is a science that requires the ability to understand the pieces, see in 3D and take a project apart piece by piece. NorthStar’s experience with complex design, construction, understanding of market costs and ability to visualize the finished project...

Technology Support and Coordination

Technology integration is one of the most complex components of a project. NorthStar coordinates our clients’ voice and data providers, makes sure drops and systems are accurate and maintains the schedule to ensure our clients are up and running when the project is...

Exhibits – Identification and Design Management

Interactive and engaging exhibits are the bread and butter of a successful museum. NorthStar focuses on understanding the audience and culture of the community and pairs it with their knowledge of what works and then maximizes the resulting concepts through design. We...

Historic Preservation Advisory

With the intent to preserve the historic nature of a site and gain potential tax benefits, historic preservation requires a guiding hand to keep the process moving and coordinate with Federal and local guidelines. Having successfully worked with many clients in this...

For more information contact Rosella Harvey

Pennsylvania 610-896-8100

New York 212-600-0823

  Virginia 703-844-1729

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