We excel at the art of project management.

We bring concepts to life, helping organizations with big dreams manage their limited resources. NorthStar Museums & Education recognizes that planning, fundraising, programming and building are intertwined. From our strong base as project managers, we have grown to meet our clients’ needs and can advise on operational and board development as well. We’re the partner to help shape your institution’s dream into a compelling reality.

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We work on projects around the country and the world.

Engagement begins with reaching the key stakeholders.

From a single project with a challenging construction deadline, to a multiphase reinvention and relocation of your collections, your exhibits, your books, your space and electronics, we’ve got you covered. We become your partner and an extension of your team in the planning process, building on your vision. We become your partner and an extension of your team in the planning process, building on your vision.

If you are planning a new school, museum, or community resource, you need to identity the movers and shakers in your community and take the time to share your purpose, your passion, and your plan. You need to invite and carefully consider suggestions. Managing the up-front process, before building with bricks and mortar is critical to the success of a new community-based resource.

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Students need a seat when it’s time to learn.

We assemble the right team to work with a limited budget and tight schedule. We understand that construction is driven by the school calendar while staff and instructors need time to prepare and train. Therefore, the construction due date is not the day before classes begin; it is at least two weeks before school starts or nestled in the middle of Spring Break. With creativity, passion and purpose, one can create fantastic learning institutions.

We work for the kid in all of us.

The CEO and the board might be our boss, but we are working for children, their families and their communities. Our projects revolve around education: from creating family-friendly, museum experiences, to building new schools that are reinventing education, one student at a time. We bring passion to the table, along with a commitment to your success.

From visioning to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, we collaborate every step of the way.

Whether you are a startup museum making history in your country, or a school focusing on integrating technology and entrepreneurship into every classroom, we will be with you every step of the way. We specialize in helping not-for-profit executive directors, trustees, staff and supporters successfully complete complex projects, and create compelling user experiences. From relocation to restoration, we are always thinking about accessibility, sustainability and visibility.

For more information contact Rosella Harvey rharvey@northstarownersrep.com

Pennsylvania 610-896-8100

New York 212-600-0823

  Virginia 703-844-1729

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