When NorthStar manages and maintains the budget and schedule throughout a project, our clients have a clear and accurate understanding of the status of their project in real time. This up-to-the-minute accounting of dollars and timing facilitates critical decision-making throughout the life of the project.

Whether furniture, equipment or services, NorthStar tracks these vital pieces of our client’s projects from start to finish. From detailed, accurate writing of the initial scope; careful selection of items or vendors; and tracking of shipments for consistency and timing, our process provides our clients with best pricing and accuracy and ensures critical deadlines are met.

Appreciation of collections may be subjective but there is no question the high priority institutions place on the acquisition, movement and preservation of their collections. With years of working with clients in this capacity, NorthStar has a systematic approach to art management that addresses the importance of these assets including storage, relocation, installation and display.

NorthStar manages the exhibit design process from concept to reality. We understand the potential pitfalls during fabrication and carefully review in relation to the plans and intent as changes to exhibits incur delays and disrupt the schedule. When complete, our team tracks the shipment of exhibits for consistency and timing to make sure critical deadlines are met.

From gathering of initial scope, identifying qualified vendors, buying the right services at the right price through tracking receipt of products, NorthStar dedicates the resources you need to have the process go smoothly and on time.

When it is time for a project to be built, NorthStar keeps an eagle’s eye view on behalf of our clients during the construction process. Keeping the schedule and making sure “a dollar for a dollar” is spent, our team maintains the vision of the institution while pushing the project forward towards successful completion.

Careful coordination and comprehensive planning is the key for successfully moving our clients, whether to a new location or within an existing space. Our experienced team mitigates the risk of potential downtime by initially vetting the entire project team and continuing to monitor the process and schedule. Communication with change is critical and NorthStar’s clear and concise plan with management, staff and the project team provides a smooth transition.

Your ticketing and POS systems need to work to your particular accounting needs. Our team focuses on identifying the best solution that is customized, fast, easy-to-use, modular and scalable. In the end, the selected method and system must work within your budget and ultimately enhancing the customer experience. Once selected, we overse the installation of the system.

Schools have teachers and students; museums have collections and exhibits. Each has its own set of parameters, ranges and drivers. NorthStar understands the complexities of commissioning and oversees these activities. From our experience, we understand that acceptable environmental conditions vary depending on placement and season and reliability of components and systems is critical.

When it is time for the exhibits to be put in place, NorthStar is onsite on behalf of our clients during the installation process. With a watchful eye, our team makes sure every aspect is as intended including placement, electrical hook-up and lighting before the final bolt is put in place.