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Minds in Motion is planning to build a children’s museum which provides interactive exhibits and educational programs. To achieve the vision that Minds in Motion has, NorthStar is implementing a step-by-step, multi-phased approach; the most effective strategy for an emerging institution. This approach involves two initial phases: Feasibility and Fundraising.

For the Feasibility phase, NorthStar is assisting with determining the viability of Minds in Motion’s project based on a comprehensive analysis which will include – but not be limited to – the current business plan, site conditions, and financial implications. NorthStar’s in-house, multi-disciplinary team is employing a holistic approach to thoroughly study every facet of the project and use our global insights to advise Minds in Motion and prepare an analysis that considers the variables in the community, and what scale of institution the community can support.

Minds in Motion

  • New Construction
  • Salisbury, MD
  • 8,640 SF

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