An Investment in Their Mission Pays Big Dividends

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Starting as a consultant for the development of a Master Plan, NorthStar’s five-year relationship with the Miami Children’s Museum has grown into a true partnership. Whether meeting with donors and exhibit partners, presenting to the Board, facilitating grants or overseeing construction, the success of our collaboration is the 360 degree view our team has from serving on Museum Boards and overseeing other museum projects. NorthStar’s investment into MCM’s mission is apparent from their recent successful growth including five new exhibits including an offsite interactive exhibit at the Miami International Airport.

Miami Children’s Museum

  • Master Plan/Capital Campaign/New Construction and Renovation
  • Miami, FL
  • 56,500 SF

NorthStar Museums and Education

Pennsylvania 610-896-8100

New York 212-600-0823

  Virginia 703-844-1729

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