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All Eyes “On” Means All Hands on Deck

Lafayette College
  • Multiple Project Capital Campaign
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • 107,000 SF Library
  • 13,000+ seat stadium
  • 3 Residence Halls
  • 337 car Parking Garage
When Lafayette College embarked on a series of capital projects, NorthStar managed each aspect of this campaign. To accommodate the needs of the multiple, high profile projects occurring at the same time, NorthStar provided on-site staffing to expeditiously respond to the needs of the College. A large part of the complexity of this project resided with the Campus being located on a hillside - often requiring systems to be located at different level of the buildings. Timing was critical due to the need to work within the student calendar. The level of success for this Campaign was so high that Lafayette continued to hand over additional projects to NorthStar.