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NorthStar has been selected as Classical Charter Schools’ long-term Owners Representative. Classical Charter Schools (CCS) has teamed up with Civic Builders to enable their 4th campus – Campus IV – to relocate to a long-term, permanent location. Construction began in 2019 on a 54,000 SF ground-up school. During the design development, construction document, and construction phases, CCS had limited say in the space development. Therefore, it was critical for CCS to have an extremely thorough evaluation of the programming and schematic design level documents, a process which NorthStar has supported. NorthStar has also teamed a real estate broker with CCS and assisted on a site feasibility analysis. NorthStar conducted site vists and assisted with items throughout Construction and project close out. Although COVID-19 impacted the project slightly, South Bronx Classical IV opened in October 2020 for in-person socially distanced classes.

Additionally, CCS – which has four operational schools in the South Bronx – recently occupied a new building on 3rd Ave in the South Bronx. NorthStar has supported the school with punch-listing and facility management.

Classical Charter Schools

  • Relocation, Ground-Up Construction
  • Bronx, NY
  • 54,000 SF

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