• “Congratulations team! These perceptions – smooth move-ins like through this weekend and a quiet phone on the first day of class – are what we have all worked so hard to achieve. I know this summer was overwhelming at times, but you stood up towards accomplishing this goal. Good job!”
    Tom Becker Associate Vice President for Operations
    Philadelphia University
  • “We anticipated this would be a complex move with tight sequencing in a narrow window. We felt we needed someone like NorthStar to help us with the planning and execution and they came through for us, big time. The numerous moves were handled safely, efficiently, and on time. Our school year opened smoothly in September without a hitch. NorthStar did a fabulous job for us, pulled together all the details, coordinated the key players, and made the whole project happen far better than we could have hoped.”
    Douglas Carney President, Springfield Board of School Directors
  • “I know the TECH Freire project was truly a challenging and frustrating one - yet you hung in there for us. Whether it was the abysmally cold winter months, or the really tight budget, or any number of things, you never gave up, and kept at it with heart and gusto. And man! We are so grateful to you for doing so. TECH Freire was only a dream a couple years ago, and the fact that it now exists is sort of surreal for me. Yet it really does exist, for 300+ kids that are already speaking volumes about what a positive difference the school is making for their lives only one month into the school year.”
    Kelly Davenport, Ed.D Executive Director, Build the Future
  • “NorthStar achieves a high rate of successful projects for their clients because they focus on the goal of delivering a quality project on time and on budget. NorthStar builds teams like they build buildings; they eliminate the conflicts, resolve the issues immediately and keep all parties focused on the goal of delivering a top quality project for the client.”
    Emily Bittenbender Managing Partner, Bittenbender Construction
  • “Planning for our new museum – an unprecedented, $88 million project for The Please Touch Museum – we knew we needed outside expertise to guide us through this process. We know how to run one of the nation’s premier children’s museums. But we certainly don’t know to build one on our own. I don't know what we would have done without NorthStar. They totally immersed themselves in every aspect of our project, from lease negotiations, to the capital campaign, to helping select the design team and engineering solution. There's nothing on this project to which they did not made a major contribution.”
    Nancy Kolb Former President/CEO, Please Touch Museum
  • “NorthStar has been the glue to opening our museum--on time and on budget. Even though we were well down the road with the architectural drawings and exhibit designs, and an established relationship with our landlord, there was still that unknown variable. You don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s where NorthStar came in. NorthStar doesn’t only see the big picture; they actually put all the pieces together in a very positive, collaborative way. For a small Museum in a startup situation, NorthStar was the key leader in making this all come together, and I can’t recommend them enough.”
    Julie Van Blarcom Former Executive Director, Delaware Children’s Museum
  • “NorthStar led us through a very complicated planning process for our project at The Wellness Community in West Fairmount Park. There were a multitude of participating partners, the project kept taking weird twists and turns along the way, and through it all the team was organized, professional, focused, diligent, timely and held it all together for us. They understand the city, the state, the non-profit world, the construction business and most of all, human nature. They always have their eye on the client’s needs and the fiscal and time restraints with which we were all working.”
    Ms. Kimerly Hinkelman Former Executive Director, The Wellness Community of Philadelphia
  • “Fantastic job, all! School started this week and I have enjoyed watching the eyes of students as they look at new walls, new paint, computers, and new furniture. Be very proud of your work. It is never easy working with our tight budgets and schedules. I know this. But I also know that your work does not go unnoticed. Our teachers, staff, and parents are huge fans of your work and the love for Mastery’s children that our buildings visually represent every day.”
    Mr. Joseph Ferguson Chief Operating Officer, Mastery Charter Schools
  • “NorthStar’s involvement in projects that we finance puts my mind at ease. With their leadership, I am always confident our expectations will be surpassed for an on-time, on-budget delivery.”
    Mr. Paul Clancy Director, RBC Capital Markets, LLC